Sneak peak on HiLDA+ Global Land Use Change

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s EGU General Assembly 2020 took place as an online event: Sharing Geoscience Online (4-8 May 2020). I used this experimental virtual conference set-up as a platform to present my research, originally planned to be a standard talk, in a slightly different format.

science meets cinema

Who says scientific publications/presentations have to be serious, dry, heavy on text, plot or tables? If conferences go virtual in times of Corona, why not trying out experimental conference contributions as well.

So, with some creativity and lots of fun, I created a short film trailer on the results of HiLDA+, my PhD project on reconstructing global land use change at high resolution.

Here is the link to the publication.

My contribution was part of an interessting online chat session on the environmental effects of land use/cover change (Land use and land cover change effects on surface biogeophysics, biogeochemistry and climate, Covener: Gregory Duveiller).

Watch the video trailer and get a glimpse of the HiLDA+ Global Land Use Change data! Always happy to get some feedback 🙂

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  1. Loved the video. I wish more researchers had your attitude about making sure their work was publicly accessible, approachable, and entertaining! Great work!


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